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How to rotate a 2D Vector in unity

There are hundreds of posts on this topic, but i will specifically stick to unity only. Since i struggle a little bit to figure out how vector's work's in unity, so i don't want this to happen with you guy's.

Few day's back i was simply trying to rotate a 2D vector in unity , just to create a circle.

I found this equation in wikipedia , which rotates a vector

First i tried to rotate a simple vector which was pointing at (2,0) to 90 degrees at (0,2), take a look at the image :

So i took the equation, and tried it in unity, which looks like this :

float_y=v.x*Mathf.Sin(angle) +v.y*Mathf.Cos(angle);

If i pass RotateVector(new Vector2(2,0), 90), I should get a Vector(0,2) but unfortunately i was getting something like this (-0.9, 1.8) .

If you read the Unity Documents carefully they have said that Sin and Cos function takes the value in Radian, so w…