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How to create split flap display in unity

Hi guys, finally something new, few months back i was asked to create a split flap display in unity, but than we switched to a different solution so my worked remained incomplete, finally i got some time to finish it and here it is.
Our split flap display have 4 layers, "upFront","downBack","up" and "down". The layer "upFront and downBack" is under a parent gameObject, which is the rotating flap.

as you can notice our rotating flap has its pivot in middle of the SplitFlap.

Now let see how split flap works,
here in this image you can see "up" layer will always contain the next numbers upper portion. And "upFront and down" will have current numbers upper and lower portions.

Here in this image you can see the layer "downBack" , which will always have next numbers lower portion.

So this project have only 2 scripts SplitFlapManager and SplitFlap
I kept 2 scripts very simple, hope there will not be any problem unde…