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How to Draw or sketch in unity

Hi guys , on my last blog i posted how i figured about 2 most important functions (GetPixels and SetPixels) of Texture class in Unity. Which excited me further to explore them a little more, and than i came up with an idea to make a drawing application with unity. I know, this is already done by someone, somewhere. But it was for my own experience.

*Basic layout of my application.

*Here,i was trying to draw something, which ended up like this, now you know my drawing skills :P

So my panel contains a drawing area (which is just a mesh with a transparent texture), and color panel, an Eraser , a Clear button (which clears your drawing area at once), and a custom color selector.

There was few interesting things happened during development, which encouraged me to write this blog.

Lets start with the brush! it is the most important part of any drawing application. If your brush strokes are not smooth than your drawing will look ugly.
I got a reference from unity wiki page, that draw's a …