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How to use sqlite in unity

Hi guys, this time its sqlite. Finally i learned it, so i thought i should share it with you guys. There was a time, sqlite was a no entry zone for me, i use to play with PlayerPrefs only, but Sqlite is far more better option than anything else.
What i had learned from my experience is that, it was lack of visualization, which confused me for a long time. All the tutorials present online was just talking about the coding stuffs, do this, do that and see you are done, voila!   no one shows whats happening inside. So i will try to show every step using screenshots, hope this will make things more clear.

I will be using this Sqlite plugin, because it support iOS, Android, MAC and Windows.

LetC step by step.

1. Open your Firefox and go to Tools option, there you can see SQLite Manager. Open it