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How to make a Table Tennis Game in unity

Hello guys,

Actually i don't know how to make a Table Tennis game in unity :D , I was just trying to make one and i came up with this. 
I know what i have done is not a good way to make a Table Tennis game, maybe the worst, but some how it works and i enjoyed playing it a lot. 
So guys i am not gonna post any code in here because its not complete yet, but you can download the source code in the below given link, I will be updating the build as i make progress. If you have any queries, you can always ask.

How to play :
1. Use your mouse to move your bat.
2. When ball bounces in your side of the table Move your mouse in any direction, now that direction         will be given to the ball when ball hits your bat.

Oh! one more thing, if something went terribly wrong Press R to reset everything :D

It might take a little time to master the mechanism, but whatever you feel please do give me feedback through comments.

There is nothing special in the AI part but still sometime it may give you…